Tuesday, September 18

The Find of the Century

When I woke up that glorious Saturday afternoon, it was raining. What could be glorious about a rainy afternoon in Northeast Ohio, you ask? It was glorious because, to me, there is no better way to spend a dreary afternoon than rummaging through the hidden treasures at my favorite thrift store. Not only is it the most economical way to shop, but it's the only type of shopping experience where you're sure never to unveil the same thing twice.

On this particular day, I really had nothing specific in mind to buy. Perhaps a vintage cashmere sweater, a funky scarf or maybe even a leopard-skin pillbox hat. But what I came across was more than I could have ever hoped for. More than my wildest dreams would ever even permit me to imagine.

When I entered the shoe department - which was subsequently the whole store, as thrift stores are usually in a humble state of disarray - they immediately caught my eye. Red. Bright red. Mary Jane's. With heels high enough to put me (almost) eye-to-eye with my 6-foot-tall boyfriend. The best part? They were Max Azria circa I'm not exactly sure when, but I can definitely see them being Jerry Hall's favorite shoes in 1989. The clincher? They cost $1.50. The upset? They are approximately one-half size too small. But, by god, I wear them anyway.

Because this find was scored in a musty thrift store in Cleveland rather than say, a speciality vintage store in New York City, my shopping story has a moral: fashion is everywhere. It's in our closets and on our minds, but most importantly, it's on our feet.

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